Ian’s Paddle – Canoe Fan Merch (Day 10 of 100)

Hey Guys, I am back! It has been more than a week for my IG followers but I had to switch up the format to make this process run smoother. Of course let’s address the elephant in the room. IG is not a text driven platform, and some of my stories may very well exceed the caption limit. Nevertheless, I wanted this project to live where I intended it to. Here on my blog you can easily look at other stories, comment and share as well. So welcome to the new format, I hope you enjoy it.

Photo by Eddel Films on Unsplash

On to this new challenge. The company does “Canoe Fan Merch and I did not expect their name to be “Pixy Industries” especially as they are targeting single men. However, their call for mystery inspired some very out of the box ideas. So here is Day 10, or as I like to call it. The Paddle.

Ian’s Paddle

Opens with a wide shot of a forest in the evening time, the sun just about to descend. Man (35), Ian, wakes up in the middle of an open space in the middle of the forest. Alone. He has on a full Navy Blue Pixy Track suit. He hears rustling in the bushes around him and looks around. He sees canoe paddle on the ground and cautiously picks it up as he looks around. He knows that someone is watching him.

He starts to run through the forest. Paddle in hand, dodging branches and jumping over bushes. He is unable to avoid all but a few scrapes by branches but they barely worry him as the branches do not tear his clothes. The rustling in the distance sounds like it is getting nearer. He pauses before darting off again.

Night is almost here. He sees a beach in the distance, and feels a sense of relief. As he takes one more step he trips over a branch and falls to the ground. The forest is absolutely silent for the first time. Another man with a tribal mask screams out his gibberish as he jumps over him with a stick about to strike him. He uses the paddle to block the attack. The aggressor’s attempts to land multiple blows. All are blocked by Ian’s paddle. Ian manages to kick him off so he can manage getting to his feet. The attacker is quick to recover as he lunges forward again, initiating an intense fight sequence between the both men and their respective weapons. Ian is able to disarm the attacker and deals a severe blow. As the attacker lays unconscious on the ground, Ian finally gets a chance to remove the attackers mask and sees that it was him. In complete shock and confusion, Ian backs away before running towards the beach. He meets a canoe there as he begins rowing in the calm waters, looking back at the island.

Text: Control your destiny… Pixy

Bye Ian


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Indigo Cam – Lingerie (Day 9 of 100)

I don’t think I have seen a lot of lingerie ads but the ones I have seen are generally the same so I tried to make it different. At the same time I used some familiar techniques to make it stand out. The seductive wife, the twist at the end and the commentators commentary have been seen before but maybe not in this way. Let me know what you think about this concept.

Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

Couple on couch watching football on TV at night. The man leaning forward eating popcorn. The woman leaning back into the couch seemingly uninterested. The audio in the background is the sounds of the game and the commentator.

She looks at him out of the corner of her eye before crafting a devilish smile and getting up. The man totally engrossed in the game barely notices that she leaves.

She returns in a robe and high heels, unties the loop in front of it and puts her foot on the Centre table in front of him, exposing her bare leg. The husband freezes as she has his attention.
Commentator: Ohhh they didn’t see this coming

She takes off the robe allowing it to drop to the floor and her lingerie is revealed. A black lace style, concealing very little.
Commentator: They really have them exposed now

She parades around him while his attention is locked onto her. She takes out a pair of handcuffs and secures his hands to the nearby table.
Commentator: They are dominating this match

The husband is more than happy to play along. She then reveals a blindfold. The husband’s excitement builds. She then sits in front of him facing forward. The husband is sweating.
Commentator: Now they’re on the counter, This looks like the chance to score. Beautiful shot from outside the box…

She then reaches for the remote near to him and sits down next to him again before changing the channel. The husband is confused but in his bound state can’t do much but laugh.
Cooking show: and that is how you get it how you want it

The wife giggles.

Text: Take Control
Indigo Cam

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Advanced Memory – Antique Furniture (Day 8 of 100)

Almost every day I look at the challenge and think that “this is the hardest one yet” 😅 Good, bad or indifferent, we move forward. I think that this one was a cool concept but needed some tightening up. It’s a good starting point at least.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

A mature man (Roger), in his 60’s. Sits at a counter in his store that is so packed with different types of antique furniture that he hides between the items. The wind chimes tinkle, as the door opens and a woman (Debra) walks into the store with her son. Roger gets up to assist her. Debra seems distressed when she speaks.

Debra: Do you have any dining tables?

Her son (Devon) escapes her grasp and runs into the store.

She screeches: Devon come back here!

Roger calmingly speaks: It’s alright, so how can I help you?
Debra: well he is pretty destructive and was using my dining table as a trampoline and it broke down, so I need a new one.

As they look over to Devon is climbing on one of the antique tables.

Debra screeches again: Devon!!!
Roger calmly responds again: it’s alright
Roger: You like to climb huh? Well that table you are standing on is actually designed to be a replica of what the Greek Gods used to eat on, it was said that eating by the table gave them their strength, and standing on it would weaken them.

Devon looks around then slowly descends and sits on a chair near the table.

Debra looks on in amazement.
Roger turns to her: The beauty about antique furniture is the stories they tell, it’s inspiring.

Debra shakes her head and smiles: wow, I had no idea.

Roger: Also, if you have kids it’s better to get something that can take a few stomps.

They turn around and Devon is climbing on it again. They both laugh.

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Main Haven – Teaching Software (Day 5 of 100)

For those considering this challenge, I’m realizing that this challenge is better done in the morning than at night, well for me anyways.

The challenge in today’s project was realizing how much Generation Z is different from Millennials. If you know any Gen Zers, read this to them and see if they are interested in the product. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it. 

A YouTube Vlog style video following the behind the scenes of some teens creating an app.

Chris (Teenage Boy) records himself going to visit his friends. He walks in on them (2 girls and a boy) attempting to do a TikTok dance challenge in a garage. He gives them banter, before suggesting that there should be an app where the challenges could actually help people. They all look at him pensively before agreeing simultaneously.

The following montage reflects their process in crafting designing an app.

Brooke (Teenage Girl) opens a Main Haven book about app development. They clear a table and start to right down all of their ideas.

They start to bounce around ideas of what the app should do.
Jerome: It still has to be fun
Sarah: People can do video or pics showing their good deed.

Jerome goes on his laptop, he accesses the Main Haven website. Brooke is sketching designs for the app. Chris is researching other similar apps. Sarah is recording the process.

Jerome to them check out his phone. Each of them surround the phone and make suggestions on how to improve it.
Chris: Put the like button here and the comment area on the side”
Sarah: We have to make it easier to use though”
Jerome accesses Main Havens website.
*Montage ends*

Jerome: ok let’s test it out guys…
He pushes the button and it works great. They celebrate.

The celebration turns quiet.

Chris “so what do we do now?”
Jerome “maybe build a game that helps people learn?”

They pensively think about it and agree in unison again before laughing.

Narrator: It’s your world, create what’s missing

Main Haven Software Development can lead the way.

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