Main Haven – Teaching Software (Day 5 of 100)

For those considering this challenge, I’m realizing that this challenge is better done in the morning than at night, well for me anyways.

The challenge in today’s project was realizing how much Generation Z is different from Millennials. If you know any Gen Zers, read this to them and see if they are interested in the product. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it. 

A YouTube Vlog style video following the behind the scenes of some teens creating an app.

Chris (Teenage Boy) records himself going to visit his friends. He walks in on them (2 girls and a boy) attempting to do a TikTok dance challenge in a garage. He gives them banter, before suggesting that there should be an app where the challenges could actually help people. They all look at him pensively before agreeing simultaneously.

The following montage reflects their process in crafting designing an app.

Brooke (Teenage Girl) opens a Main Haven book about app development. They clear a table and start to right down all of their ideas.

They start to bounce around ideas of what the app should do.
Jerome: It still has to be fun
Sarah: People can do video or pics showing their good deed.

Jerome goes on his laptop, he accesses the Main Haven website. Brooke is sketching designs for the app. Chris is researching other similar apps. Sarah is recording the process.

Jerome to them check out his phone. Each of them surround the phone and make suggestions on how to improve it.
Chris: Put the like button here and the comment area on the side”
Sarah: We have to make it easier to use though”
Jerome accesses Main Havens website.
*Montage ends*

Jerome: ok let’s test it out guys…
He pushes the button and it works great. They celebrate.

The celebration turns quiet.

Chris “so what do we do now?”
Jerome “maybe build a game that helps people learn?”

They pensively think about it and agree in unison again before laughing.

Narrator: It’s your world, create what’s missing

Main Haven Software Development can lead the way.

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Lifeline – Offline Music (Day 4 of 100)

I thought this was supposed to get easier with time, this was the hardest thus far. I think there was a mix up with the brief because it was really confusing, I was tempted to hit the ‘skip’ button. Lol

But my take on it is that this company has developed a new way to listen to music that has an easy interface, can be used online and convey a sense of security, all while being modern. I would definitely need to talk to their marketing department.

So without them saying what it actually is, I imagined a wireless glasses headset where you can listen to music without being connected to the internet. You can also use your eyes to scroll. Stole so many ideas from Google Glass. Lol.

I got inspiration from a few other sources as well for this abstract concept. Let me know if you think I conveyed the message well.

Woman in her mid-30’s (Wendy) is in an open white space and picks up a paintbrush, she stares at the space in deep thought then starts drawing on the wall. She masterfully adds the details to her the drawing as she continues.

She plugs a white power chord into a white socket on the wall and music starts. She smiles and dances as she moves between strokes. She hears some whispers behind her and sees three of her friends are in the space now, and are chatting.

She rolls her eyes and tries to ignore them and continue but one calls out to her. She releases a deep sigh, before walking over to them. As she is walking over, a man is teaching cooking in a space near to her friends. The frying pan is sizzling and his deep Italian accent is getting louder and louder. All of a sudden, cats start to invade the space.

Wendy tries to escape to return to her drawing but can’t find her way. Two men block her as they start having a fight in front of her. As she attempts evade the 2 men and reach to her drawing, a gun rests on the back of her neck. A man in a mask is standing behind her. She notices the chord connected to the socket is near her feet. She drops down and pulls it.

Darkness. Absolute Darkness.

A pair of glasses appear in the centre not the space, glowing. She picks it up and puts it on. The white space has returned and the music plays. She sees her art work, looks around confused before continuing her project.

Escape the noise, Enjoy The music



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Red Loom – Luxury Condos (Day 3 of 100)

Day 3/100 Very interesting brief. Usually I found that ads for Real Estate to be very similar but effective because stating the features can usually be enough. I wanted to tie it in to the emotional desires of this demographic.

Scene opens with wide shot of a man (Tony) in jeans and short sleeved shirt, and woman in a suit in a spacious condo. She drops the keys in his hands and smiles. He smiles as well and thanks her as she walks out. He spreads his arms and walks through the apartment.

Cut to medium shot of of Tony plopping on his black leather bean bag chair and picking up his laptop. He is designing artwork for a house warming party. His dog (Rufus) rushes over and licks him, he pushes him away.

Cut to a scene of Tony in the lobby of the apartment building in a long sleeve shirt and tie. The doorman opens the door and he gives him a bounce before handing him a flyer for the event. They both smile.

Cut to work. Tony hands out to his coworkers before knocking on his managers door. Despite being on the phone his boss takes it.

Cut to travelling on the bus. A cute girl (Patricia) sits next to him. He strikes up a conversation before handing her the flyer. He gets off with a smile at her, she looks pleasantly confused.

Narrator (during next segment):
Why settle for ordinary when you are destined to reach greater heights. Red Loom Luxury condos helps create a space for you to realize your true potential.

Wide shot of outside of the apartment, with multi coloured lights. Flashing through the full glass panels. Tony socializes with some girls and a glass of wine as he shows them the intricacy if the tiles. The Doorman enters and Tony introduces him to the girls.

Narrator (during next segment): Complete with solar panels to reduce you’re electric bill and carbon footprint. You will save Thousands over the years.

Tony shows his boss the solar panels on the outside of the apartment. His boss looks impressed.

Narrator (during next segment): Not to mention all the possibilities the future holds.

Patricia walks in and Tony rushes to greet her. They both smile.

Red Loom Luxury Condos


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Rock Star (Music Distribution) – Day 2/100

Day 2/100
This brand was a little tricky, they produce and distribute Classical Music aimed at Millennials. Not familiar with how Classical music is marketed but I have it a try. The funny part is that their brand is supposed to be sarcastic as well. Not sure I hit the sarcasm, but tried to incorporate some humour in their, let me know if you think it works.

Photo by MARK S. on Unsplash

Opening. Man (Tom) outside of an apartment door, about to knock. Another man (Bill) swings the door open from inside.  Bill is excited, and gives him a warm welcome him before relieving him of the 6 pack of drinks that he brought. Bill invites him in. Classical music is playing, Tom slows down and is confused.

Tom: Bro, you listen to Classical?

Bill packs away the beer and organizes snacks as he sheepishly responds.

Bill: Nah, Brenda is really playing it because it’s supposed to help baby brain development… yada yada… personally I don’t….

Tom: Oh that’s too bad, because it goes hard, I actually listen a lot…

Bill cuts him…

Bill: Ohhh yea, I was joking, I’m kinda a connoisseur myself. I have thousands of records

Tom pauses as he becomes skeptical of Bill, but continues as they walk to his records

Tom: You have some nice stuff here but, I have some new…

Bill starts to get irritated and puts down his drink.

Bill: Are you trying to say that you have better classicals than me… Tom

Tom: Nah man, I was just…

Bill: There is only one way to settle this… A Clashical!

A random midget (Chuck) opens the door…

Chuck: Did you just say a Clashical?? 

He calls others outside “Yo guys it’s about to go down!”

Within seconds the apartment is filled with people.

Tom hooks up his AUX chord to the stereo Bill searches through his crates. Chuck takes the roll of the MC and co-ordinates the proceedings.

Bill excitedly goes first and plays his first song, people are enjoying it, nodding their heads. 

Tom downloads a song from Rock Star while Bill’s song is playing. Then when it’s his turn, he plays his song and the crowd erupts from the intro.

Bill throws down his record and folds his arms as he is visibly upset.

As the scene blurs.

Rock Stars logo comes up.

Narrator: Having a Clashical? We got your Bach

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