Video Script Copywriting

It’s no secret that video is one of the best ways to get your brand noticed in the digital space. Coincidentally, it requires some investment to make quality video. Whether it be time or money, video demands a lot. So I know you want to get a good return on your investment.

The problem is that a lot of video producers are so focused on the imagery, that they forget about the story element of video, which is actually the most important part. Imagine you are at a restaurant and the food looks great, but when you taste it, there is no flavor. That is the equivalent to video with no story. We can even argue that if we had to choose between food that tastes great or food that looks great, taste will win every time.

This means you can spend thousands on producing a video and it won’t even be impactful.

With so many videos dominating our timelines, one of the main differentiating factors in catching the audiences attention, is it’s ability to tell a story.

I want to help you maximize your investment in video by getting the story right, and captivating your audience in with the art of storytelling.

I provide the following Scriptwriting services for brands:

  1. Ads/ Commercials
  2. Short Films
  3. Brand Story
  4. Music Videos


Branded Short Film (Letter to My Son)


Brand Story (Kelisha Mills)

Let’s start telling your story.

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