Brand Stories

Marlena Cole, Relationship Coach

Helping ambitious women attract a partner they can build a legacy with.

My name is Marlena Cole, and I am a Relationship Coach that helps ambitious women attract a partner they can build their legacy with by helping them master themselves to get whatever they want.

This is a guaranteed way to find the perfect partner for you, and I know because it worked for me.

I grew up in a loving 2 parent household, so I aspired to emulate my parents and have a  family of my own. I set a plan for my life, and I said that I should be married by the age of 25, 2 kids by 30, working as a nurse, making $100k a year.

Even though I know everything doesn’t go exactly as planned, at 25, I wasn’t even close to marriage. The guys I dated were uncommittable, and as time went by, I feared that I wouldn’t be chosen; I started to accept less than I deserved, which made it worse. I started to wonder if I was unlovable.

At 32, when all of my friends were getting married, I was still waiting hours for my date to pick me up, clinging on to hope that he might be the one. It was only when my (__15__ _-year-old) daughter expressed how upset she was by how long my date had me waiting. I felt embarrassed, angry, and ashamed of myself that I had given up my power to another person, and after a night of tears, I woke up determined to take back control of my life and relationships.

 Luckily for me I documented all of my past relationship experiences in a journal. I transformed it into a book entitled “Renewing of your mind and spirit for marriage,” which was meant to be my personal guide to finding love. I went back to those lessons learned and put them into action.

I not only started practicing what I learned I hit publish after 2-years of the book sitting on the shelf, afraid to publish it because I was still single and felt unworthy to tell people about how to go from single to married.

But part of mastering my life was about no longer playing small and worrying about what others would think.

In that second of clarity, I hit the button and that was it, I became a published author.

Three months later, I met the man who would become my husband and I know it’s because I stopped looking for outside validation and I made the decision to choose me first,  mastered myself, and I created the relationship that I wanted.

I have great news for you. You don’t have to wait 10 years to learn how to break down those barriers like I did. I can help you do it in 90 days.

And it hasn’t only worked for me. In three weeks, over 80% of my clients started attracting higher quality men, and after 90 days 40% of my clients met the man that they married.

Send me a message to book a consultation so I can help you attract a partner you can build your legacy with.

Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission

Letter to My Son

Brand centred video created for the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission

Pixy Industries

Opens with a wide shot of a forest in the evening time, the sun just about to descend. Man (35), Ian, wakes up in the middle of an open space in the middle of the forest. Alone. He has on a full Navy Blue Pixy Track suit. He hears rustling in the bushes around him and looks around. He sees canoe paddle on the ground and cautiously picks it up as he looks around. He knows that someone is watching him.

He starts to run through the forest. Paddle in hand, dodging branches and jumping over bushes. He is unable to avoid all but a few scrapes by branches but they barely worry him as the branches do not tear his clothes. The rustling in the distance sounds like it is getting nearer. He pauses before darting off again.

Night is almost here. He sees a beach in the distance, and feels a sense of relief. As he takes one more step he trips over a branch and falls to the ground. The forest is absolutely silent for the first time. Another man with a tribal mask screams out his gibberish as he jumps over him with a stick about to strike him. He uses the paddle to block the attack. The aggressor’s attempts to land multiple blows. All are blocked by Ian’s paddle. Ian manages to kick him off so he can manage getting to his feet. The attacker is quick to recover as he lunges forward again, initiating an intense fight sequence between the both men and their respective weapons. Ian is able to disarm the attacker and deals a severe blow. As the attacker lays unconscious on the ground, Ian finally gets a chance to remove the attackers mask and sees that it was him. In complete shock and confusion, Ian backs away before running towards the beach. He meets a canoe there as he begins rowing in the calm waters, looking back at the island.

Text: Control your destiny… Pixy

Pixy Industries is a fictional company that I used to craft a brand driven ad for, they produce Canoe fan Merch whose target is single men and they wanted to convey a sense of mystery.

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