Hey, thanks for passing through. This website is my digital journal as I document my journey from employment to entrpreneurship. My goal is to inspire people to believe it’s possible and to create a blueprint for anybody interested in doing the same.

About me? I’m an easy-going guy that loves helping people. I’m family-oriented and idealistic, so my goal is to create a holisitc and balanced life. On my journey thus far, I’ve realized that a key pillar for balance is having a fulfilling work experience, and an important part of that is understanding your innate skills. My skills? Well ever since I was 6 years old I’ve been writing stories, whether it take the form of songs, essays or scripts, I have been writing stories for the past 27 years. Who would’ve thought that it would be such an invaluable skill in the information age. This is because storytelling is the driving force behind creating quality content, something businesses are desparate to get right. I have spent a decade in media production, but incorporating more storytelling within the last few years have been the most fulfilling for my clients and myself.

It has been a journey of self-discovery to find my calling. My dream is that every person can find a means of using their innate skills to solve a problem and thereby creating a more fulfilled life, making them even happier.

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If you’re stuck and want some advice you can email me here. I’m not a coach or career professional, but I can direct you to some resources and tell what has worked for me.