Red Loom – Luxury Condos (Day 3 of 100)

Day 3/100 Very interesting brief. Usually I found that ads for Real Estate to be very similar but effective because stating the features can usually be enough. I wanted to tie it in to the emotional desires of this demographic.

Scene opens with wide shot of a man (Tony) in jeans and short sleeved shirt, and woman in a suit in a spacious condo. She drops the keys in his hands and smiles. He smiles as well and thanks her as she walks out. He spreads his arms and walks through the apartment.

Cut to medium shot of of Tony plopping on his black leather bean bag chair and picking up his laptop. He is designing artwork for a house warming party. His dog (Rufus) rushes over and licks him, he pushes him away.

Cut to a scene of Tony in the lobby of the apartment building in a long sleeve shirt and tie. The doorman opens the door and he gives him a bounce before handing him a flyer for the event. They both smile.

Cut to work. Tony hands out to his coworkers before knocking on his managers door. Despite being on the phone his boss takes it.

Cut to travelling on the bus. A cute girl (Patricia) sits next to him. He strikes up a conversation before handing her the flyer. He gets off with a smile at her, she looks pleasantly confused.

Narrator (during next segment):
Why settle for ordinary when you are destined to reach greater heights. Red Loom Luxury condos helps create a space for you to realize your true potential.

Wide shot of outside of the apartment, with multi coloured lights. Flashing through the full glass panels. Tony socializes with some girls and a glass of wine as he shows them the intricacy if the tiles. The Doorman enters and Tony introduces him to the girls.

Narrator (during next segment): Complete with solar panels to reduce you’re electric bill and carbon footprint. You will save Thousands over the years.

Tony shows his boss the solar panels on the outside of the apartment. His boss looks impressed.

Narrator (during next segment): Not to mention all the possibilities the future holds.

Patricia walks in and Tony rushes to greet her. They both smile.

Red Loom Luxury Condos


Millennials, would you consider this apartment if this was the ad? Let me know what you think of this script in the comments below. If you like this ad or are interested in working with me, send me an email and let’s connect.

See ya.

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