Main Haven – Teaching Software (Day 5 of 100)

For those considering this challenge, I’m realizing that this challenge is better done in the morning than at night, well for me anyways.

The challenge in today’s project was realizing how much Generation Z is different from Millennials. If you know any Gen Zers, read this to them and see if they are interested in the product. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it. 

A YouTube Vlog style video following the behind the scenes of some teens creating an app.

Chris (Teenage Boy) records himself going to visit his friends. He walks in on them (2 girls and a boy) attempting to do a TikTok dance challenge in a garage. He gives them banter, before suggesting that there should be an app where the challenges could actually help people. They all look at him pensively before agreeing simultaneously.

The following montage reflects their process in crafting designing an app.

Brooke (Teenage Girl) opens a Main Haven book about app development. They clear a table and start to right down all of their ideas.

They start to bounce around ideas of what the app should do.
Jerome: It still has to be fun
Sarah: People can do video or pics showing their good deed.

Jerome goes on his laptop, he accesses the Main Haven website. Brooke is sketching designs for the app. Chris is researching other similar apps. Sarah is recording the process.

Jerome to them check out his phone. Each of them surround the phone and make suggestions on how to improve it.
Chris: Put the like button here and the comment area on the side”
Sarah: We have to make it easier to use though”
Jerome accesses Main Havens website.
*Montage ends*

Jerome: ok let’s test it out guys…
He pushes the button and it works great. They celebrate.

The celebration turns quiet.

Chris “so what do we do now?”
Jerome “maybe build a game that helps people learn?”

They pensively think about it and agree in unison again before laughing.

Narrator: It’s your world, create what’s missing

Main Haven Software Development can lead the way.

As usual. Drop your thoughts in the comments and subscribe for more content. See you soon.

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