Indigo Cam – Lingerie (Day 9 of 100)

I don’t think I have seen a lot of lingerie ads but the ones I have seen are generally the same so I tried to make it different. At the same time I used some familiar techniques to make it stand out. The seductive wife, the twist at the end and the commentators commentary have been seen before but maybe not in this way. Let me know what you think about this concept.

Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

Couple on couch watching football on TV at night. The man leaning forward eating popcorn. The woman leaning back into the couch seemingly uninterested. The audio in the background is the sounds of the game and the commentator.

She looks at him out of the corner of her eye before crafting a devilish smile and getting up. The man totally engrossed in the game barely notices that she leaves.

She returns in a robe and high heels, unties the loop in front of it and puts her foot on the Centre table in front of him, exposing her bare leg. The husband freezes as she has his attention.
Commentator: Ohhh they didn’t see this coming

She takes off the robe allowing it to drop to the floor and her lingerie is revealed. A black lace style, concealing very little.
Commentator: They really have them exposed now

She parades around him while his attention is locked onto her. She takes out a pair of handcuffs and secures his hands to the nearby table.
Commentator: They are dominating this match

The husband is more than happy to play along. She then reveals a blindfold. The husband’s excitement builds. She then sits in front of him facing forward. The husband is sweating.
Commentator: Now they’re on the counter, This looks like the chance to score. Beautiful shot from outside the box…

She then reaches for the remote near to him and sits down next to him again before changing the channel. The husband is confused but in his bound state can’t do much but laugh.
Cooking show: and that is how you get it how you want it

The wife giggles.

Text: Take Control
Indigo Cam

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