Flyway – Family Destinations (Day 6 of 100)

Another interesting challenge as the brief called for an appeal towards children. I used an age old technique of positioning a story within a story, how do you think it worked?

Photo by Jeremy McKnight on Unsplash

Captain Sean (Boy, 7) in a captain’s uniform steers a ship. He is being chased by the evil pirate Bob who is shooting at his ship with cannons. He dodged them with ease.

His boat crashes on the rocks, he climbs to the top of the rocks and the pirate grabs his foot. He manages to shake his foot off but his shoe slips off.

Sean realizes that the only place he can go is through a hole. He jumps in and it’s a slide that leads him out to a beach.

When he looks up he see pirate Bob at the top of the rocks. Along the beach he sees a castle with a beautiful princess, who is calling out for him to help but he can’t reach her…

Cut to a bedroom scene at night, Sean tucked in his bed and his mother sitting near him.

Sean: what happens next mommy?
Mother: That’s the best part, you will find out for yourself

Cut to scenes of the family on a tropical vacation and Sean in a sailor hat on a pirate ship ride and sliding down rides.

His father and mother look on as he builds a sand castle with his sister.

Father: You wouldn’t know why Sean keeps running away from me calling me an evil pirate would you?

Mother: Not a clue

Narrator: Your next family adventure starts here.
Bronze Slice International

How do you think I did? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe for more content or reach out to collaborate.

See you soon.

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