Advanced Memory – Antique Furniture (Day 8 of 100)

Almost every day I look at the challenge and think that “this is the hardest one yet” 😅 Good, bad or indifferent, we move forward. I think that this one was a cool concept but needed some tightening up. It’s a good starting point at least.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

A mature man (Roger), in his 60’s. Sits at a counter in his store that is so packed with different types of antique furniture that he hides between the items. The wind chimes tinkle, as the door opens and a woman (Debra) walks into the store with her son. Roger gets up to assist her. Debra seems distressed when she speaks.

Debra: Do you have any dining tables?

Her son (Devon) escapes her grasp and runs into the store.

She screeches: Devon come back here!

Roger calmingly speaks: It’s alright, so how can I help you?
Debra: well he is pretty destructive and was using my dining table as a trampoline and it broke down, so I need a new one.

As they look over to Devon is climbing on one of the antique tables.

Debra screeches again: Devon!!!
Roger calmly responds again: it’s alright
Roger: You like to climb huh? Well that table you are standing on is actually designed to be a replica of what the Greek Gods used to eat on, it was said that eating by the table gave them their strength, and standing on it would weaken them.

Devon looks around then slowly descends and sits on a chair near the table.

Debra looks on in amazement.
Roger turns to her: The beauty about antique furniture is the stories they tell, it’s inspiring.

Debra shakes her head and smiles: wow, I had no idea.

Roger: Also, if you have kids it’s better to get something that can take a few stomps.

They turn around and Devon is climbing on it again. They both laugh.

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