Half Moon – Travel App (Day 1 of 100)

Day 1 of #The100DayProject the (made up) company has a travel app that makes travel easy and affordable. They identify as a Caregiver brand. Let me know how you think the if the Ad Script does it justice.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

The scene opens with a wide shots of a quaint one story home, a sedan in the driveway as the sun begins to peak over the roof. A woman’s voice breaks the serenity “Girls wake up, we’re late!” A woman, late 30’s (Mother) rushes to prepare breakfast as drowsy 10 year old (Daughter 1) walks pass her. A man ,early 40’s (Father), rushes in the living room holding up his 4 year old son (Son) who is resisting his efforts to put his pants on.

An 8 year old girl (Daughter 2) is dancing in the living room with the headphones on. The chaos amplifies as Mother and Father attempt to co-ordinate breakfast and getting them ready for school. An elderly woman (Granny) whispers to Daughter 1 before Father rushes all the children to leave the house with him. Mother and Father give a quick peck before he leaves.

Wide shot of same house at night. The sedan now pulls in. Inside the house, the exhausted Mother’s eyes tell a story that her strong actions don’t, as she cuts some vegetables in the kitchen. The Father drags through the door, jacket swung over shoulder and tie loosened. He hugs his wife. Daughter 1 is setting the table while Granny watches TV with Daughter 2 and Son. They are called to eat.

Just after grace, Daughter 1 stops the proceedings to make an announcement. She carefully unfolds a piece by of paper in her pocket and begins to read.

“Dear Mommy and Daddy, thank you for all that you do”

Granny mouths the words as they proceed. Daughter 2 then stands up and continues

“So we want to give back something to you”

Granny prompts Son to step up as he manages to say “I lub you”, Granny mouths “We”
He then corrects himself “We lub you”

Mother and Father chuckle at the exchange as Daughter 1 approaches them with an envelope. They look at each other perplexed as the Father opens it up.

He looks at Granny belwildered before telling his wife. “2 tickets for a 5 day trip to Barbados?” Mother grabs it to verify if it’s true, she gasps and can’t stop smiling. Father asks, “but how?”
Granny just smiles as she puts down her phone and the Half Moon app is open and the details for the trip are on the screen.

Final Scene: Father and Mother relaxing on the beach.
Narrator: “You take care of everything else, let us take care of you,
Half Moon’s app makes travel affordable and easy, download the app today”

So let me know what you think in the comment below and subscribe to see my daily efforts.

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