Still Got it by Flappel

Photo by Irene Kredenets on Unsplash

On this edition I will develop a campaign using random information I have from 5 different categories that will create a fictional product, client and situation. The concepts are open to the public but if you are interested in using it for your own company please notify or accredit me. Second one, let’s go.

Case Study info

  1. Product – Hand Bags
  2. Brand Archetype – The Innocent
  3. Target Audience – Women 50 and Over
  4. Business Objective – Recognition
  5. Differentiating Factor – Emotional Connection

Still Got It by Flappel

Format: Experiential marketing – Authentic Interviews and use of product


Ten women over 50 will be invited to do candid interviews about their sex appeal from the past (in their 20’s) compared to present day. We will probe them with questions surrounding changes in their confidence between these 2 time periods.

We intend to dispel beliefs that they lose any appeal when they hit 50. Whether they feel like they don’t have a strong appeal anymore or are confident that they are sexier than ever, we want to reinforce the them that they “still have it.” After the first interview, we will give each of them a light make over; make up, heels and the Flappel Handbags as the central focus of the transformation. Then, they will be asked to walk down a runway, equipped with an audience, lights and photographers. We will capture their confidence walking down the runway. Their smiles, laughs and strides of confidence will all be captured along the way. Follow up questions afterwards will include; how they felt throughout the process and what they think was the biggest change over the years. These questions should lead to them discussing less concern for clothing as family life came to the forefront. They discuss their “baggage” as to what has kept them back. The core message is that “we all have baggage, you might as well rock it.” Flappel helps to show women over 50 that they still got it, and dressing the part helps bring it out.

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