The Extra Mile

I’m tired

of running late

of running from place to place but still in the same place

of running racket on myself, I’m I’m robbing my health

of running down cents to trade for my skill sets…

to chase another man’s dream? I guess

my dream was less important and decided to take a rest, I am tired

I bep

and remember what it was like before I had to pay a rent…

I could go for hours and never miss a step, never felt stepped on and never felt inept

Then a wise one said, “You running out of time

and if you don’t chase your dreams, you’ll be running all the time”

But I don’t think I could take another step,

I’m running out of air, I’m running out of breath

He smiled,

and said “You could finish this rat race in last place and die, or

you could go the extra mile”

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