September: the start of something new



September is a month of new beginnings. The new school year begins, the Premier League really starts (minus the distractions of the transfer season) and the government sets their budget for the upcoming year.

My life has obeyed the laws of September and together with August as it’s sidekick, they have always been life changing months for me. I’ve started jobs, started relationships, and achieved milestones. Just in August of this year (2016), I achieved a milestone of some sorts… I made it to 10 years of working at my day job.  Most people might praise this achievement but many years ago I insisted that I would  be handing in my resignation letter at this juncture. Unfortunately I couldn’t… I was unprepared to do so, unless I wanted to live a life of poverty. I hadn’t taken the necessary actions to ensure that I had the means of acquiring income that could sustain my expenses.

This moment cemented the fact that saying I would leave and actually leaving are two entirely different things. For me to reach this stage of financial independence, these actions needed to be more aggressive and intentional than the ones that I took in the past.

I’ve always loved the concept of entrepreneurship; the autonomy, the potential for financial independence and the ability to make a living through doing your passion. It’s all very idealistic to me. However appealing this vision is, the actual process of becoming an entrepreneur is much more difficult than it seems, especially having worked for the government for 10 years (I’ll do a piece on the dangers of this on another day). The process involves self-awareness, having a clear vision and being prepared to do the necessary work to achieve that goal. Through this blog, I will document my jump from employee to full-time entrepreneur, with the aim of reaching that goal in September 2017. I hope to help those in a similar position to find clarity on your journey, so you can find your own new beginnings. Stay tuned every Saturday for a new blog post.



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